How To Change A Car Tyre

April 25, 2020

Most people wouldn't know how to change a car tyre, and yet it remains an invaluable skill for car owners and those who are always behind the wheel.

So, how do you change a flat tyre? It's actually very easy as long as you have the proper tools and know how to use them. Here's a step-by-step guide.

Step 1. Park Somewhere Safe

As soon as you notice a flat or busted tyre, slowly reduce speed then do a quick survey of your surroundings. The best spot to park is by the side of the road and on level ground. Don't park on curves or oncoming traffic as it's dangerous for you and other vehicles.

Remember to pull the parking brake and turn on your hazard lights to prevent your car from rolling and for increased visibility.

Step 2. Using the Lug Wrench

The lug wrench is an X-shaped metal tool with ends that are made specially for removing tyre lug nuts. Take it out, then fit the end on the tyre's hubcap. Twist it until the cap is dislodged, then do the same for all the others.

When all of them are removed, you'll need the jack, which is like a robot feet with a long metal screw in the middle. Also, it makes things easier if you have a piece of wood that's 2x6 to better secure the jack under the car.

Step 3. Place the Jack Under Your Car

The best position for the jack is somewhere near the flat tyre and on the car frame itself. Place the 2x6 wood on the frame before using the jack so it won't come off balance.

Operate the jack until the flat tyre is clearly raised about six inches from the ground. When your car is in this state you shouldn't go under the car for any reason at all!

Step 4. Replace the Tyre

Got your spare tyre handy? Good. When all the lug nuts are loosened, carefully pull the flat tyre out of the car. Set it lying down so it won't roll away and cause further trouble.

Then, take the spare tyre and put it on the hub by lining up the bolts with the holes. You'll know when it's done right when all the bolts are showing through the rim. Put all the lug nuts back using the wrench and make sure that they're all tight and fastened securely.

Step 4. Set Your Car Down

Use the jack and lower your car until it's nearly resting on the road. Use the wrench to double check the lug nuts and ensure all of them are tight.

Lower your car completely and remove the 2x6 wood and the jack. Replace the hubcap and keep all your tools. It's important to check the tyre pressure before taking off so you won't experience any more mishaps.

If the tyre has low pressure, drive your car slowly until you reach a car service centre. The whole thing should only take 10 to 20 minutes, and it's better to practice doing this in your garage a few times.

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